README for Adélie Linux Package Set

Authors: A. Wilcox, Distro Lead
Elizabeth Myers, Platform Group
Horst Burkhardt, Platform Group
Kiyoshi Aman, Platform Group
Adélie Linux Developers and Users, contributions
Status: Production
Copyright: © 2017-2020 Adélie Linux Team. NCSA open source licence.


This repository contains the Adélie Linux package set. It is used by the Adélie Linux build system for package building to create the repository used by Adélie's APK package manager.


As the Adélie Linux project is an open-source Linux distribution, packages contained in this repository must also be provided under a license recognised by the OSI. No exceptions will be made.


Any changes to this repository - additions, removal, or version bumps - must be reviewed before being pushed to the master branch. There are no exceptions to this rule. For security-sensitive updates, contact the Security Team at sec-bugs@adelielinux.org.


This section contains a high-level view of the contents of this repository. It does not list every package available; it is merely a guide to help you find what you need.

system: System-level packages

The system directory contains packages used by Adélie for core system functionality, or for building of the system itself. Special care should be taken before bumping these packages.

user: User packages

The user directory contains packages that a user would typically be interested in installing. Desktop applications, server software (also known as daemons), and other useful packages can be found here.

legacy: Orphaned, unmaintained, or deprecated packages

The legacy directory contains packages that were at one time supported by Adélie, but are no longer. This could be because upstream no longer maintains the software, its Adélie maintainer has dropped it and nobody has taken it, or it has been deprecated or replaced with something else.

Use of packages in legacy are highly discouraged, and packages may be removed at any time.

experimental: Unstable packages

The experimental directory contains packages that are highly unstable or are not yet fully ported to Adélie. They may not build properly, fail tests, or exhibit runtime failures.

Please note that a package appearing in experimental does not denote that the package will ever be available for Adélie Linux.

Use of packages in experimental is at your own risk.


This section contains usage information for this repository.

As an overlay

The user repository can be added as an overlay to any system running APK, which at the time of this writing includes Alpine Linux, postmarketOS, and a few others. However, please ensure you are fully aware of the concerns surrounding mixing packages in such a manner. There may be different ABIs or library versions between each distribution, and packages may crash, experience instability, or fail to launch at all. Please be careful.

The domain distfiles.adelielinux.org is a round-robin for all available Adélie mirrors. You may add a repository named above to /etc/apk/repositories:


Where $version is the version of Adélie Linux you are running, or stable for automatic stable upgrades, or current for a rolling-release style distribution (which may be unstable - you have been warned!).

$repo should be replaced with the name of the repository you are wanting to use, such as user.

Run apk update to update the package index on your local system. The packages will then be available to you.

If you are using the repository on a non-Adélie system, you should use repository pinning for the Adélie repositories you add. Please consult the APK manual for more information about repository pinning.

As a repository

The Adélie Linux system is preconfigured to use packages in system and user for APK. No further configuration should be required.